Our ability to help your audio and theater dreams come true is rooted in our extensive industry expertise.

Design & Engineering

Our engineering services include determining proper acoustic dimensions for a given room. The room is actually the most important part of a system. For example, a room with dimensions of 20x10x10 is one of the worst sounding rooms possible. Even given a room with these dimensions, there are things we can do to make it acceptable for a system. We will supply architects with a complete set of working blueprints, as well as the guidelines for a successful marriage of premium acoustical design and specific, consistent architectural design. We work side by side with architects, contractors, and designers to deliver a trouble-free project, from beginning to end, that will make everyone involved proud.

Audio Video Integration has installed countless systems throughout California, Hawaii, and many other states. 100% of our clients will do business with us again because of our knowledge of how to integrate systems into any room. For example, you can put a $50,000 system into a room and it will sound good, or you can install a $10,000 system properly and it will sound unbelievable. Just imagine what we can do with a $50,000 budget!

What is the point of owning a system that no one knows how to use? We provide remote controls that operate the most complex systems with the touch of one button. With the touch of a button, imagine your TV coming up through the floor, cabinet, or dropping down through the ceiling, the lights dimming, shades dropping, and the AC/heater temperature going up or down according to your preferences. Only Audio Video Integration has all the answers for your unique needs.

Home Theater Rooms

We can create a cinema experience in the luxury of your own home. Creating a dedicated entertainment room allows you to enjoy movies, sports, TV and video games like never before. You don’t need to have a huge space for a dedicated theater. Basements, garages or spare rooms make great theaters and Audio Video Integration will create a transformation you can hardly believe.

AVI approaches every new home theater audio installation scientifically starting with the room itself. Dimensions and room shape greatly influence the sound coming from the speakers. Architects love our sophisticated computer programs that are used to design and lay out the room properly. Finally, we calibrate the audio system to maximize performance.

Video displays such as projectors, LCDs, and 4K UHD TVs are manufactured to look their best on the showroom floor. No matter how expensive or what type of television you have, it’s far from perfect out of the box! We complete your installation by calibrating your new display, using the most sophisticated equipment, the same as the major manufacturer used when building it in the factory. You will truly be amazed with the final picture!

When designing a dedicated home theater, we typically start with a premium-quality Sony HD 4K projector and screen from Stewart Filmscreen. We use high-quality, yet simple, electronics from Meridian, Anthem and NAD, depending on budget, and top it off with amazing sound solutions from top speaker brands like Pardigm, Thiel and JL Audio. You can immerse yourself in the movie and actually feel like it’s happening around you.

We offer the simplest remotes, no matter how complex your system is. It is typically as simple as touching one button marked, “Watch TV" or "Watch DVD”. The remote will do the rest for you, even through walls when the system is located in another room or closet.

AVI can also help you choose and install theater seating solutions that best suit your entertaining needs. We can order just about any furniture you like for your custom home theater.

Family Rooms

AVI can help design and install the right system for our customers who do not have a whole room to dedicate to their home theater. We enjoy the opportunity to help you get the most out of your common areas without insulting the very important existing design of your living space. These projects typically involve a 4K UHD TV, a top quality digital receiver and sleek, inconspicuous speakers.

We keep our systems simple so as keep your common living area clean. We use Universal remote control systems so that we can hide your electronics out of sight in another part of your home such as a closet.

Common room installations are actually some of our favorite installations. The challenges presented by spacial limitations, uncontrollable light sources, heavy traffic and heavy use allow us to really use our expertise to create the best solution for each different request. Dedicated theater room are relatively easy as we can control the environment. Common rooms can be so impressive when done correctly and we take pride in our ability to deliver exactly that.

Outdoor Theaters

Do you love being outdoors on your spacious patio? Maybe you have an amazing view of the mountains or live right along the shore. Ever wonder how you can entertain your friends and family outside during SuperBowl Sunday or watch a movie while feeling the refreshing ocean breeze?

Who better than Stewart, leaders in projection screen technology, to come up with the perfect entertainment solution that addresses the growing trend in outdoor living? Stewart’s weather-resistant Oasis is capable of creating an exciting, upscale outdoor living space.

The Oasis screen is an electronically controlled retractable screen based on the company’s popular Luxus Model A Electriscreen (LX Model). However, the Oasis is designed specifically for outdoor use and is resistant to corrosion and other outdoor elements.

Like all Stewart screens, the Oasis can be custom manufactured for a client’s specific requirements including screen size and aspect ratio. The screen housing is available in black or white, and any of Stewart’s front or rear projection materials may be used.

Many of our clients are worried that the speakers will clash with the plants and outdoor decor. To this concern we say, check out the Sonance and Paradigm speaker and subwoofer solutions. They are made to fit right in. Sonance and Paradigm outdoor systems produce a richly dimensional, evenly dispersed sound field in an otherwise uncontrolled environment.

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