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We can only give you the best systems and service if we have the best staff working for you. Everyone on our team has many years in the industry and has been trained to handle equipment, installation and our customers with the utmost respect.

Tony Probst Audio Video Interiors

Tony Probst

Owner and Master Calibrator

Grew up sailing around the world. He is a passionate collector of historical artifacts as well as relics from the Titanic and HMS Bounty.
Chris Probst Audio Video Interiors

Chris Probst

General Manager

Loves to fish, plays in the World Series of poker. Father of two - his wife and kids are his world.
Julian Jory Audio Video Interiors

Julian Jory

Marketing & Accounting Manager

Is an experienced figure skater and loves a good horror film. She says food is her greatest joy in life.
John Wieschendorff Audio Video Interiors

John Wieschendorff

Sales & System Design

In his free time loves hiking and bicycling, essentially anything outdoors. Is an audio engineer and Hi-Fi stereo enthusiast.
Dave Costa Audio Video Interiors

Dave Costa


Absolutely loves spending time with wife and son. He is a food & wine lover and huge audio enthusiast.
Nathan Gill Audio Video Interiors

Nathan Gill

Operations Manager

6th generation Bay Area native. He is a total foodie and loves to travel. Has two daughter whom he spends all of his free time with.
Bill Carretta Audio Video Interiors

Bill Carretta

Project Manager

Is an avid outdoorsman and can jerry, jury or jimmy rig almost anything. Also rides a motorcycle.
Michael Probst Audio Video Interiors

Michael Probst


Collects baseball cards in his free time and thinks calculus is easy. Has a cat named Merlin.
Stephen Probst Audio Video Interiors

Stephen Probst


Enjoys the outdoors, taking his boat fishing or going off-road in his truck. He and his wife live in the countryside and have four cats, a horse and chickens.
Brendan Ward Audio Video Interiors

Brendan Ward

Warehouse Manager

Spends his free time on Everquest with his two cats Booter and Miho. Plays the guitar and collects pin ball machines.
Miguel Salas Audio Video Interiors

Miguel Salas


Nick Mastrup Audio Video Interiors

Nick Mastrup


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