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"We had a great experience with setting up 2 different systems in our home. When we had a small issue with one of the controllers, the folks were back to our house the very same day we called and fixed it immediately. The advice they gave us about how to set up the system was perfect. I would work with them again in a second."

Jan B.

San Francisco, CA

"This review is long overdue! We bought a house in Marin back in 2016, the first thing I wanted to buy was audio and video equipment! I had heard about AVI from a friend but thought there was no way I could afford the products they carry. Just for the hell of it i stopped in one day and spoke to the owner Tony, I told him my budget and he made some recommendations, I decided to buy the equipment in stages, first stage a pair of speakers and a quality receiver, and some wiring work for my house. Fast forward two years and i was ready for a sub woofer and center channel, problem was the center channel that matched my speakers didn't fit on my mantle, so Tony came up with a creative solution to build a custom center channel using a top of the line in-wall speaker and had an enclosure built to match my towers. I also picked up an entry level sub-woofer, knowing I can always upgrade in a few years. Well the center and sub were installed yesterday and I couldn't be happier. Tony also came over to calibrate the speakers, he even gave me a very generous discount on the calibration cost, he has a customer for life now! Tony is honest, and does his best to make his clients happy. His products are top quality and a little on the expensive side but he works with your budget to put together the best solution for you. I won't be replacing any of these components for a long time so investing in high quality equipment just made sense. If you are in the market for audio equipment I highly recommend giving AVI a shot, at least talk to Tony and get some options, you can't go wrong."

Joe M.

San Rafael, CA

"I recently bought a house in Hamilton Field and wanted a new TV with surround sound and the ability to play music in different parts of the house as well as out on the patio. Dave Costa was very knowledgeable and helpful. He and Nathan worked out the details for a new Sony 4K TV and BluRay player, custom surround sound speakers, wiring outside speakers, and Sonos speakers for other rooms in the house. The installers, Steven and Nick, were thorough, neat, professional, and did an outstanding job putting it all together. Michael, the programmer, set up and explained the system and the touch screen remote in simple terms making the the whole thing a joy to use. The end result is fantastic, much better than I expected! I highly recommend Dave and Audio Video Integration."

Michael S.

San Francisco, CA

"I can't believe we have a full media room in our own home thanks to the great work of Audio Video Integration. They pride themselves in providing their customers with quality products at competitive prices. Audio Video Integration has top-notch customer service with an amazing team of installers. Installation was quick, practically in and out in no time, leaving us to enjoy our new media room within hours. The entire time they were focused and attentive to every detail ensuring settings were adjusted to the exact specification to give us a crystal clear image and a sound that felt deep to the soul. Not only did AVi install quickly, but were also a PLEASURE to work with. Every phone call, text and email was responded to right away. I do not have enough words to express how thankful we are for their service and attention to detail. I will continue to use them and tell everyone I know about them! Thank you AVi, you guys are all unbelievable!!!!"

Sarah R.

Novato, CA

"Buying a high-quality sound system for your home is daunting these days. We have a 1908 home with some associated challenges. At first blush, AVI looked out of our price range & the show rooms can be intimidating. Tony gave us our first intro in the showroom, then came to our home & made recommendations, with options. Tim helped us when we returned to the store to listen again to speakers & assess sizing & finish options. We ended up ordering a TV & universal control as well as a sound system. Bill lead the installation, and talked us through some speaker placement choices. It's a dream come true! Sound is awesome, integration is amazing, and it's literally changed our life. We should have done this years ago! A++ to the whole team. We couldn't be happier with the system."

Doug H.

Greenbrae, CA

"Tony Probst is one of those rare gems in the Audio/Video industry who never ceases to amaze me. He has this infectious enthusiasm and passion for the business, coupled with extensive product knowledge that gives you confidence and brings a smile to your face. Tony could write the book on how to appropriately take care of customers before, during and after the sale. It has been a real pleasure doing business with him."

Phillip T.

Sacramento, CA

"Before, during and after the sale, Tony was the consummate professional; he provides amazing value. He’s experienced, current on the latest technology, delivers first rate service, and extremely friendly. Tony took the time to “listen” to my wants……and financial limitations, asked clarifying questions to establish priorities, then educated me on my options. I never felt like he was trying to sell me more than I wanted or needed. I was so impressed that I’ve referred Tony to my family."

David W.

Novato, CA

"Possessed of an almost encyclopedic knowledge of acoustics, visual sciences and the current state of the AV equipment industry, Audio Video Integration delivers an experience that is at once professional and personal. What is truly remarkable, however, is the value of the services HTS provides. Tony and company delivered a home theater system the quality of which rivals others costing many times that of the solution they installed. We unhesitatingly recommend Audio Video Integration to our friends and will certainly be utilizing their services in the future."

Michael & Katharine B.

San Rafael, CA

"Tony is one of the most knowledgeable A/V professionals I have ever known. He follows the industry closely and is prepared to recommend the right system for the right situation. Beyond that, he is always available after the sale for support and tweaks. I will probably never use anyone else again."

Evan D.

Novato, CA

View Evan D.'s Installation

"Audio Video Integration who not only transforms your home by upgrading you to a ‘state of the art’ media system, but comes with enthusiasm and knowledge on what will best work in your home whether were talking design, color, placement or the appropriate type of equipment. It’s simple, you give him a budget and he’ll give you the BEST system out there with the promise that once you’re a customer ‘you’re married to him for life. Tony takes pride in his work, justifiably so, and for us mere non-techies, the added BONUS of having him only a phone call away is worth its weight in Gold. Trust me, his creation will give you year’s of good fun at the movies in your own home!"

Terese and Robert P.

Mill Valley, CA

"The most amazing part of our system is that Tony placed it in a closet. My wife did not want to see all the electronics that I wanted. With Tony’s incredible remote control that not only works flawlessly through walls, the whole family including my grand mother can watch my complex system with the touch of “one” button. And to top it all of the only thing in the room is a very thin TV hanging on the wall with a piece of art covering it so that when the TV is turned off there is no visible sign of any system or TV in the room. My wife is happier than I am with the system."

Ed M.

Kentfield, CA

"Tony Probst and Audio Video Integration exceeded all expectations by installing and calibrating our home video projection system. Tony’s value and performance-oriented recommendations also ensured we picked the right system to meet our goals. Using state of the art measurement and analysis tools, Tony provided a comprehensive alignment of lenses, calibration of the projector, and programming of useful presets. Tony’s professionalism and high standards ensures the system achieves its full potential. I would recommend Audio Video Integration to any client or professional installer looking to get the best image quality in their home or professional theater."

David D.

Dolby Labs

"When I first met the professionals at AVI Marin, I was one of the last people I know that still had a “tube” television instead of a flat panel! While I could have been embarrassed, the easy-going professionals at AVI Marin made my education relaxed and incredibly easy. They asked questions about what I liked in both picture quality and sound. They wanted to know the surroundings in which I would be enjoying my surround sound experience. Then in a very professional manner, they inquired about the budget I had in mind. I was informed that an affordable system could be created for almost any budget. Today, I have a system that I am proud to show off to my friends, and one that has already brought a grin to my face as I enjoy hours of entertainment with both movies and music. If I could offer you some advice, don’t try to “go it alone” at some wholesale outlet. Instead, visit the professionals at AVI Marin. They are not “high pressure”, but they are highly knowledgeable."

Jeffrey M.

Petaluma, CA

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