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High Quality Displays

Starting in the 1960’s Sony has always been on the forefront of whatever product category they have entered. From the development of the Walkman, to the pioneer of the compact disc format, to the superior VCR format Beta, Sony has been at the top of the class.


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The Control You Desire

Lutron is a lighting manufacture that makes custom and stylish dimmers, switches and shades! Their lighting system and shades are favored by many interior designers, contractors, and architects.


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Quality Furniture

Cinema-Tech Chairs is based in Texas and designs and builds some of the nicest custom theater seats available. To Cinema-Tech Chairs, “home theaters are not just another room in your home.


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The Right Accessories

A.J. van den Hul is a Dutch Company created in 1980. Its primary goal is to improve the quality of signal transmission in the most broad sense.

Speakers and Audio Components

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Hi Quality Sound

In 1977 based on their beliefs in good audio engineering, good acoustical engineering, and the value of psychoacoustics – the understanding of how we perceive sound and our responses to it, Allen Boothroyd and Bob Stuart founded Meridian.