Furniture and Room Acoustics

Cinema-Tech Chairs

Cinama-Tech-Logo United States of America(USA) Cinema-Tech Chairs is based in Texas and designs and builds some of the nicest custom theater seats available. To Cinema-Tech Chairs, “home theaters are not just another room in your home. They are machines, they are vacations, they have the power to transport you wherever you want.”  

Salamander Designs

Salamander-Designs-Logo us-flag-final Salamander Designs is professional grade furniture crafted in the United States. Salamander Designs is customizable, strong, and well-made. It’s very desirable among designers and will compliment just about any décor within your home or business.  


BDI-Logo us-flag-final BDI USA is professional grade furniture built to last and safely support all of your audio and video gear. BDI Furniture is all pre-built in the USA. Their cabinets have hidden wheels, IR friendly glass, and ventilation internally so your equipment can breathe.  

Grand Prix Audio

logo (1) us-flag-final Grand Prix Audio prides itself for using custom designed parts as well as custom and proprietary application of polymers and composites. Fine aesthetic is the fortunate byproduct of technical perfection. Our material and design choices are based 100% on tested and proven performance—not the status-quo and not hype. Grand Prix Audio products won’t always look like the rest of the audio industry, but maybe they’ll eventually catch up!