Speakers and Audio Components


United Kingdom(Great Britain) Meridian-Logo In 1977, based on their beliefs in good audio engineering, good acoustical engineering, and the value of psychoacoustics – the understanding of how we perceive sound and our responses to it. These core values led to the first product from Meridian: the M1, an active loudspeaker system, unknown in consumer electronics at the time, which provided the foundation for much that has come since. The passion, innovation and commitment to quality that shaped the company carry the company forward as one of the most revered audio brands in the world today.


United Kingdom(Great Britain) Tannoy-Logo Tannoy is elegant, legendary, and highly esteemed. They have been mastering their loud speakers for over 80 years and provide our clients with high-quality classic-looking loud speakers.  

Wisdom Audio

us-flag-final Wisdom-Audio-Logo Wisdom Audio was founded in 1996 with one goal in mind. The company’s mantra is to create the finest loudspeakers, not being locked into past technology and design. Whether you’re interested in traditional two channel reproduction or multi-channel sound, Wisdom has the no holds barred solution.


us-flag-final Magico-Logo How would you like to bring your favorite music and movies to life? The company was founded by a long time animator and soon after turned his passion into a brilliant company approximately eight years ago. With speakers starting at $12,500.00 and reaching to over $500,000.00, Magico is considered by many of the world’s audiophiles as being the best speakers being built today.

MOON by Simaudio

Canada For over 37 years, Simaudio is recognized for offering award-winning, high-performance music systems.  The MOON brand is Simaudio’s ultimate statement.  Ranging in price from only $650 all the way up to $120,000, MOON products have garnered over 250 awards globally – more than any other high-end audio brand.   Manufactured in Canada, all MOON products are built to last and come with a 10-year warranty, backing up exceptional build.  Engineered using the latest technologies with an intuitive human interface, enjoying a high-performance MOON music system has never been so easy.  Performance without compromise and long-term customer satisfaction is what MOON is all about.

Stealth Acoustics

us-flag-final Stealth-Acoustics-Logo Stealth Acoustics was born out of 37 years of system integration. As a premier loudspeaker design company, we saw the need for a high performance invisible speaker. No other invisible loudspeaker company has the depth of product offerings, as well as in-field experience to bring the best invisible speaker solution to you.  


us-flag-final Sonance-Logo Since its beginnings over thirty years ago, Sonance’s father company Dana Innovations has continued to invent, lead, reinvent; creating new categories and pushing the boundaries of technology and design. With over twenty game-changing world-firsts under its belt, Dana Innovations is not only regarded as a founder of the custom installation industry, it is a driving force.


us-flag-final Paradigm-Logo Paradigm is a high-end speaker company based in Canada that has been making exceptional audio products for over 30 years. We offer Paradigm because of their compelling ability for building great quality speakers at an affordable price that no one else can compete with.

JL Audio

us-flag-final JL-Audio-Logo JL Audio has a reputation for being one of the best subwoofer brands in the industry that everyone falls in love with. They are a privately owned American company who believe that great audio has real value. JL Audio subwoofers will bring your favorite music alive in your home whether it’s Tchaikovsky’s famous bass clarinet solo in Symphony No. 6 or the bass guitars and drums from your favorite rock bands.

Linn Audio

Scotland Linn-Logo Linn Audio is the benchmark for source and music playback systems. Linn Audio is based in Glasgow, Scotland and was founded by Ivor Tiefenbrun in 1973. Linn Audio does a phenomenal job at eliminating loss between the listener and the master tape. Linn Audio is the perfect solution to anyone passionate for audio and who would like to experience their music as close to the live performance as possible.


Canada Anthem-Logo For more than two decades Anthem has produced award-winning high-end Audio video equipment. Their goal is to produce high-end components that will give you a glimpse of musical heaven. Their reputation in analog and digital design is legendary. From the sonic frontier days to the company being purchased by Paradigm, one thing has remained constant the endless pursuit of perfection.


us-flag-final VTL-Logo Founded in 1987, VTL is a world leader in high performance tube audio equipment. Originally VTL was founded upon designs based on recording studio prototype. In 1980 the amps were produced in South Africa for the European market. In 1986 David Manley brought his prototypes to the Consumer Electronics show where they were received with great enthusiasm. Production was shortly moved to the US and VTL’s new home was made in Providence Rhode Island.


Canada NAD-Logo New Acoustic Dimension was born with a vision to be different. In 1972 the company was founded on the premise that we will give the customer what he wants, not what he is being forced to buy. NAD offers a great selection of receivers, amps, and source components. They have never lost sight of the central theme of enjoyment and this is still evident today.

Madison Fielding

us-flag-final Madison-Fielding-Logo Is an award winning manufacture founded in 1983. They are best known for their Planter Speakers which are perfect for any outdoor environment and deliver excellent sound quality.


Leon-Logo us-flag-final Leon began in 1995 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Leon is a worldwide leader in high-performance, audiophile-grade on-wall loudspeakers and were one of the first to design, research and develop, and refine high-fidelity on-wall loudspeakers.

Golden Ear

us-flag-final download GoldenEar’s founders and their engineering team have literally hundreds of years of combined experience and have created or helped to create many of the world’s best-sounding and best-selling loudspeakers. We have joined together again to build our finest speakers ever. We call our newest loudspeaker company GoldenEar Technology because, in our industry, a “golden ear” is someone who hears exceptionally well.


United Kingdom(Great Britain) Arcam_Logo High-quality music components are where Arcam started, and has been developed for over 40 years. Arcam started making stereo amplifiers back in the mid-70s, and have built hundreds of thousands of systems since then, each one engineered to be transparent and faithful to the sound of your favorite recordings. Achieving those qualities is all about the constant struggle to reduce noise and distortion, allowing Arcam components to deliver detail, power and impact, and ensuring you’re swept up in the music.


us-flag-final images Formed in 1991, Datasat Digital Entertainment set out to provide a superior listening experience to movie-goers. They developed one of the first digital audio systems for cinemas. Datasat is now bringing the same professional audio processing technology to the high-end consumer market. Introducing the first home cinema sound processor that is based on a professional cinema audio processing platform. This move into the home cinema space is a natural progression from the digital sound innovator.


Devialet-Logo-web french-flag2Devialet is the ultimate audiophile system, for the most discerning of music lovers. Well above and beyond an ordinary amplifier, Devialet reinvents and combines for the first time all of the key components of expert playback in a single and extremely thin slab.  Regardless of the source. Regardless of the speakers. Devialet technologies reinvent each step of the musical signal chain for never before achieved levels of performance. Pure sound. Explosive dynamics. A rare emotional experience.


us-flag-finalFor 30 years Integra has served the purpose as a prestigiousbadge of honor. When Dolby Digital Surround was launched, the Integra name was present. When the industry’s first THX Certified A/V receiver was launched, the Integra name was present; and so it has been where Integra has remained the face of leading edge technological innovation and advancement .

Wilson Audio

wilson Wilson Audio was born of Dave Wilson’s passion for the reproduced music in 1974.  After years of intensive work on solving the time domain quandary introduced by all multi-driver loudspeakers, David Wilson received a patent for his efforts, and put all of his knowledge into his first production loudspeaker. Wilson has since built an unrivaled reputation for extreme quality and craftsmanship. Today, Wilson’s lineup includes a variety of music-reproduction and home theater solutions in the loudspeaker category, which continue to be envy of the industry.


us-flag-final download (1) Sonos lets you hear music as it was meant to be heard, and the ability to use the ultimate all-in-one HiFi Sonos system in every room with ease. See how you can use the sonos simple and intuitive app to fill your entire home with incredible sound quality music. Add your existing music services or discover something new. Whether curated or on-demand, free or subscription-based, Sonos has you covered with access a large and growing list of music services.