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High Fidelity Stereo

Listening to music can open you up to a world of experiences and memories, just by following a soaring melody or a funky bass line. We use music to change our mood; to elevate our heart rate, or to sink into a quiet reflective place.

Audio Video Integration embraces all of the benefits of having music in your life, and thoughtfully creates “musical instruments” with our sound systems. Our goal is to bring you closer to your music, and closer to yourself. We have one of the best lineups of high quality and state of the art products, that you simply will not find anywhere else.

Work with AVI to design and install the high fidelity stereo system you have been dreaming of. Your friends will be envious, your family will be blown away, and you will be ever so satisfied that you can not just hear your favorite music, but feel it in your heart and your soul.

San Francisco Bay Area high fidelity stereo design and installation

Looking for a professional, reputable high fidelity stereo system design and installation company in the San Francisco Bay Area? Audio Video Integration combines decades of experience with deep product knowledge to help bring your high fidelity stereo dreams to life.

Find these high fidelity stereo brands at Audio Video Integration

  • Burmester

  • D'Agostino

  • Elac

  • Focal

  • ​Grand Prix Audio

  • Lumin

  • McIntosh

  • Moon by Simaudio

  • Nordost

  • Roon Labs

  • Sonance

  • Torus

  • ​Transparent Audio

  • Van den Hul

Experience high fidelity stereo in our showrooms

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