Stage Left

Stage Left Showroom

If you have ever wondered what a precisely tuned stereo system sounds like, step into Stage Left and prepare to feel perfection at its finest. This room showcases a variety of stereo speaker systems and high quality sources, engineered to deliver a moving musical experience that envelops your body and mind. 

Spending time in Stage Left can help us determine what sonic characteristics appeal most directly to you, which will allow us to tailor our audio and component recommendations to provide the most accurate and satisfying sound system for your unique requirements.

This showroom features

Experience stage left in full 360

Use your mouse (or fingers on a tablet or mobile device) to explore this showroom. You can move, zoom in, and turn in any direction. Go full screen for best results. 

The only thing you can't do is feel the amazing in-person experience. Visit Audio Video Integration in San Rafael for that.

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